Customer Benefits : Customers Don’t Smile Without Reason

Thanks to the culture of R&D and quality adherence at Screen-O-Tex, its products come with a host of techno-specialties, which translate into customer benefits galore.
Here is an overview:

Techno-Specialties Customer Benefits
Uniform Open Area
Even paste distribution No end-to-end shade variation
Uniform paste penetration Minimal dyestuff wastage
Lower, even pressure Uniform, better results, less productwear
Uniform hole diameter Even registration across the fabric
Consistently superior printing results per screen Significant savings / higher earningsper screen
High Ductility
Multiple stripping Less denting > manifold usage
Longer printing meters Savings in designing & screens
Even printing Perceptibly better results
Uniform paste distribution Savings in dyestuff
Faster printing Higher machine output
Higher print yield Significant savings
Uniform Thickness
Even paste distribution Even print results
Longer printing life Significant Savings in screen & design cost
Even pressure Uniform, superior registration
Consistent strength (no ‘weak spots’) No breakage, persistent ‘emulsion hold’ for long print runs
More printing output per screen Significant savings / earnings per screen