Novus: Ideal Candidate for Delicate Printing

Screen-o-Tex Novus Screens are best choice for fine Cotton, Silk, Polyester or any other lighter grades of good quality fabric. Build around customer satisfaction,.
┬áNovus Screen is a unique combination of high mesh count with larger open area so maximum paste can be transferred to substrate, enhancing your productivity. Screen-o-Tex believes in easing all the burdensome tasks and gives faster prints with sharper print results.  
Minimize the risk of creasing during handling with more stable operations, saves on engraving and printing costs. Revolutionary! Novus Screen design also helps you reduce your costs with sturdy and durable screens.
Available Mesh Count: 105, 110,125 and 155

Recommended Uses
Novus screens are normally used for all kind of Substrates, Finer Outlines, Tonal effects, Better Penetration, Geometric Designs. Unique designs and beautiful patterns and color combinations are highly-praised by one and all! Smarter investment is starts with Screen-o-Tex Novus Screens!

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