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Company overview

Beginning its corporate journey in 2001, the company has raced ahead to the forefront of the industry, fueled by technological excellence, focused R&D and adherence to international quality criteria.Today, Screen-O-Tex India Pvt Ltd is widely acknowledged as one of India’s most reliable manufacturer of PrecisionRotary Nickel Screens for Textile and Non-TextileRotary Printing.This has been a result of bringing together highly qualified and optimally experienced management and technical experts at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. With the help of these valuable assets and a strong commitment to quality the company has achieved high levels of customer satisfaction and trust.

Key characteristics that set us apart:

Advanced technology  :  Today we are equipped with 3rd Generation of Electroforming Processes with Artificial Intelligence Supported systems. Few other manufacturers can arguably equal precision and value.

Technological know how : Not only do we adapt and adopt the best practices, we are focused on latest technological upgrades with active support from European Scientists

Infrastructure: Our manufacturing facility if equipped with equipment of the highest quality, our production processes are well planned out, equally well controlled and monitored.

Raw materials:Simple secret manufacturers fail at is the Quality of the Raw Material. Rotary Nickel Screens are 100% Nickel. And we are proud that we use Best Quality Nickel anly then we get Best Quality Screens.

Workforce: Few skills are ingrained but with us we have one of the most skilled and dedicated workforce and staff, who are trained and retrained with every advancement in the production processes. The mantra with our workforce is “Quality”.

Quality oriented: Every single screen goes through rigorous testing and quality check process. We at Screen O Tex India consider Screen Making to Art, all screens are made individually and not in bulk or batch

Company History

Today, Screen-O-Tex is widely acknowledged as one of India’s most reliable manufacturer ofRotary Nickel Screens for Textile and Non-TextileRotary Printing.

  • 2001

    company was formed

  • 2001

    First order

  • 2003

    640 repeat

  • 2004

    First container exported

  • 2005


  • 2006

    Tie up with top consultants in Europe

  • 2007

    Vega breakthrough

  • 2008

    Tech (first customer specific screen)

  • 2009

    Doubled production

Customer Benefits

Techno-Specialties Customer Benefits
Uniform Open Area
Even paste distribution No end-to-end shade variation
Uniform paste penetration Minimal dyestuff wastage
Lower, even pressure Uniform, better results, less productwear
Uniform hole diameter Even registration across the fabric
Consistently superior printing results per screen Significant savings / higher earningsper screen
High Ductility
Multiple stripping Less denting > manifold usage
Longer printing meters Savings in designing & screens
Even printing Perceptibly better results
Uniform paste distribution Savings in dyestuff
Faster printing Higher machine output
Higher print yield Significant savings
Uniform Thickness
Even paste distribution Even print results
Longer printing life Significant Savings in screen & design cost
Even pressure Uniform, superior registration
Consistent strength (no ‘weak spots’) No breakage, persistent ‘emulsion hold’ for long print runs
More printing output per screen Significant savings / earnings per screen


    We at Screen-O-Tex give the utmost importance to quality. Our stringent quality control measures are designed to ensure, that we put out one of the best quality products in the market. Our leaders are endeavoring to achieve maximum efficiency, along with a high quality product. We take great pride in our work; part of it is because of our commitment to quality.


    Screen-O-Tex has doubled its manufacturing capacity with the expansion of its manufacturing facility. Our company is striving to become the leading manufacturer of nickel screens in India.
    The 2 key objectives for Screen-O-Tex in the foreseeable future are : 1) Become the largest manufacturer of rotary nickel screens in India, without compromising on the world-class quality we offer. 2) Keep moving ahead with R&D and diversify our product range further.


    Base the company’s existence on the trust of customers.Build success on the basis of anytime, anyhow service.Keep the best possible quality as the baseline offer.
    Ensure the products are optimally designed – technologically, ergonomically and aesthetically.


    Screen-O-Tex conforms to international standards – in product quality, in packaging criteria and performance durability. All international guidelines are adhered to, during export packaging and transportation – with special provisions for withstanding harsh weather conditions, rough handling and arduous logistics.

    This has generated for the company an outstanding record of nil-damage, in-time delivery, and customer loyalty.

    Human Assest

    Today, Screen-O-Tex is widely acknowledged as one of India’s most reliable resource centers for world class Rotary Screens and Lacquers for Textile and Screen Printing. And behind this industry leadership is the human talent pool that the company has brought together across the years – highly qualified and optimally experienced teams of management and techno professionals, technical (R&D, QA) experts, marketing and finance specialists and support staff – all bound together with the Screen-O-Tex brand of quality adherence, emphasis on innovation and futuristic thinking.


    If you are qualified / experienced in a relevant field, and would like to explore a career in Screen-O-Tex, in a techno-driven, future-savvy, globally oriented environment,
    send in your CV to: career@screenotexindia.com, with ‘career’as the subject title.
    It might prove to be the first step in a life-altering career move.


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