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Our products have been categorized in 3 major categories mesh wise. Apart from that we have a range of screens with higher thickness namely ‘Tech screens’.



Altus screens are the Standard & Popular choice among printers when trusting for reliable printing for basic designs. With uniform open area, uniform thickness and uniform repeats, printing precision is accurate and exact.

Available Mesh Count
(Open Area%)
25 (27%)
40 (23%)
60 (14%)
70 (13%)
80 (13%)
100 (11%)
Advantages with Altus
  •  Longer Printing lengths
  • Uniform Print Results
  • Even repeats
  • More stripping & reuse as screens are ductile
  • Ease in end ring fitting
  • Cost-Effective & Reliable
Recommended Uses:

Altus Screens are popularly used for coarse substrates, Blotches, Outlines, Half Tones, Deeper Penetration, Gold and Bronze prints are also satisfactorily printed.

Mesh 40 60 70 80 80ED 100
Opera Areal % 23 14 13 13 11 11
Thickness 118 100 100 85 95 98
Ho9les Diameter µm 320 161 131 111 101 74
Ho9les Per Inch 1600 3600 4900 6400 6400 1000
Paste Volume (ml/meter2) 28 15 13 10 9 9.4



These screens are suitable for printing jobs that require higher precison and sharpness. Novus screens offer a special combination of high mesh count, wider holes and minimum spacing between holes, with a conical styling. With larger open areas, they enable maximum paste transfer to substrate, enhancing productivity. Result: faster, sharper, finer prints.

Available Mesh Count
(Open Area%)
85 (17%)
105 (15%)
110 (16%)
125 (15%)
125v (15%)
155 (13%)
Advantages with Novus
  • Superior Quality Fine Lines & Half-tone effects
  • High Open Area
  • Better Penetration
  • Higher Printing Speed
  • Save on Printing Paste
  • Lower Production costs
  • Sharp results even in high viscosity
  • Lower Squeezee pressure
  • Highly Durable
  • Cost-Effective & Reliable
Recommended Uses:

Novus screens can be used for All kind of Substrates, Finer Outlines, Tonal effects, Better Penetration, Geometric Designs. Unique designs.

Beautiful patterns and color combinations are achievable with relative ease with Novus screens. Most popular is 125 Mesh and it gives precise results.

Novus Specification
Mesh 85 105 110 125 125v 155
Opera Area % 17 15 16 15 15 13
Thickness 105 100 105 100 100 100
Hole Diameter µm 105 101 97 79 79 60
Holes Per Inch 7225 11025 12100 15625 15625 24025
Paste Volume (ml/meter2) 17.2 15.8 16.6 15 15 13



Screen O Tex is proud to unveil its new range of VEGA Screens®, which set a whole new benchmark for fine print technology. The demand for sophisticated and fine prints among textile printers are rising constantly, this product is specifically designed to cater to fine and highly detailed printing requirements. The unique combination of high mesh count along with higher thickness and higher open area minimizes most problems being faced by end users.

VEGA Screens® consists of 3 different mesh counts. All the mesh counts have two variants, a Standard range and XT range. Standard Vega Screens are 135, 165 and 195. These consist of the standard parameters that are normally used. We also offer 135XT, 165XT and 195XT. The XT range has different parameters, for your special printing needs it offers a number of variations so that you can get a product best suited for your needs.

Available Mesh Count:
135 135XT
165 165XT
195 195XT
Advantages with Vega
  • Greater Printing Freedom
  • Faster Runs
  • Less Down Time
  • Smooth sailing production process
  • Minimize wastage of print paste
  • Possible To Print With Higher Viscosity Paste For Sharpest Results
  • Improved Durability
  • Cost-Effective & Reliable
Recommended Uses:

Screen O Tex offers VEGA Screens® in three different mesh counts, catering to every thought and print.

135XT: Highest Open Area, Largest Holes:
Optimal for Blotches, White Pigments, Gold Prints, Thick Substrates

165XT: Popular 3GScreen:
Optimal for combination designs (Halftones, Blotches, Geometrical Designs, Fine Lines)

195XT: Highest Mesh Count, Relative Large Holes:
Optimal for very fine lines, geometrical designs, Tonal Effects

Add a few lines about geometrical differences:



These screens come with higher thickness and higher open area and various hole diameters, making them extremely suitable for a wide variety of textile and non-textile applications. Tech screens are customized to match the exact customer requirements to yield high quality, maximum efficiency prints.

The higher mesh count of Tech Screens, with larger hole sizes, allow extremely fine and detailed printing and diverse application possible with minimal production disruption, faster printing and longer product lifespan. These are recommended for divergent design types ranging from Half-Tones to Fine Lines. The range even features a newly-developed screen for water-based inks.Tech screens are very often used for special printing applications, such as for carpet, blankets, wall coverings, 3D embossing, glitters etc. These are always custom-designed as per printers’ individual specifications.
To resolve the various challenges that printers face, we keep innovating our product line and have now come up with CS screens. These screens solve Center to Salvage (CS) problems.

Tech’s Win-Win Features
  • Greater printing freedom
  • Minimum blockages
  • Uniform printing
  • Large open area
  • Prevention of backside printing on fabric
  • Multiple stripping
  • lifespan
  • Higher durability
  • Higher stability after curing
  • High production efficiency
  • Cost-effectiveness & reliability
The entire product range that Screen-O-Tex offers is manufactured with a well controlled production process. The cutting edge technology at our manufacturing facility enables us to deliver products of the highest quality and even parameters.

How is it better?


Screen O Tex Other Manufacture
Thickness Uniform Uneven
Open Area Uniform Uneven,varies with thickness and repeat
Repeat Uniform Uneven
Ductility and stress High ductility and Low Stress Brittle and Low bending


Main Features which result is stable screen,longer printing life, multiple usage and low ink wastages and low ink wastages and course sharp and quality prints.Screen-O-Tex is capable of supplying screens of the following specifications.

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