Quality Commitment

Our stringent quality control measures are designed to ensure that we put out only the best international-quality screens in the market. We take great pride in our work and are proud of the outcome. Even our packaging follows international quality guidelines with special provisions for withstanding harsh weather conditions, rough handling and arduous logistics.

Why Does Quality Matter?

Screens must be uniformly thick and have uniform open area so that the designs are printed accurately. Hardness and ductility of the screen determines the life and reusability of screens. Precise repeat gives precise overlay-free printing.

The main parameters which define the quality of a screen, are open area, repeat, thickness, ductility and uniformity.

  Open area
Variation in open area can create a number of problems for printers.

Our solution: We have top-of-the-line open area determining devices. These devices not only check the end of a screen but the entire length of the screen

Variation in repeat can practically make the screen unusable.

Our solution: We check the repeat of all screens with two different methods. We use Endring Test for screen ends and Inflatable Checking Stand for checking the screen length.

Uniform thickness determines the robustness of a screen. Without it, the print output gets compromised.

Our solution: Our well-controlled manufacturing process and expertise acquired through experience and R&D has effectively enabled us to eliminate any variations in thickness.

We’ve learnt that ductility variations can often go undetected leading to screen tearing. It is therefore important of have ductility within the prescribed range.

Our solution: We use equipment specifically designed to check ductility, called Ductility Range Tester.

  Block holes
Blockholes are another vexing issue for printers.

Our solution: WE use top-quality filtration systems installed across all production bays. As a result, we are able to manufacture screens with negligible number of block holes. In addition, each screen is manually inspected before shipping.

Please note: Our consistent adherence to these quality parameters and the use of top grade nickel screens play a major role in giving exact and accurate printing outcomes.

How Do We Do It?

Best Material Use :  We use the highest quality inco pellets which are 99.99% pure nickel.

Multi-point Testing :  Every single screen goes through rigorous multiple check points for Open area, Repeat, Block holes, Thickness, Ductility and Uniformity.

Chemicals and controls : Calibrated and Hi Tech composition.

Process Control:  Both online and offline

Tools and equipment:  Use of the latest range of high quality precision tools and equipment.

Pre-defined QA parameters:  Adherence to well-defined and controlled parameters

Use of Advanced Technology:  We are outfitted with 3rd generation electroforming processes. Few other manufacturers can claim the same degree of precision or value in their screens, as we do to ensure uniform thickness and uniform open areas.

Superior Technological Know-how: Our search for perfection is never-ending. As a forward-looking, agile company, we are quick to adapt to the world’s best practices in screen printing by acquiring the latest technological upgrades from our highly-qualified and experienced European partners.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Our manufacturing facility near Ahmedabad is outfitted with the machine and equipment of the highest quality used in screen printing. As a process-driven company, our production activities are well-planned out, controlled and monitored with the help of data analytics.

Top Quality Material Input:  Our Rotary Nickel Screens are 100% Nickel. We use premium 99.99% Vale Nickel Pellets, to give the right degree of hardiness and ductility to our screens, resulting in longer shelf life.

Technically Skilled Workforce: Skilling and super-skilling are continuous initiatives at ScreenOTex. Our training calendar is drawn-up in advance every year to cover every aspect of technical, sales and behavioral skills.

100% Quality Assurance: We promise to make 100% fault-free deliveries to our customers. Every step of our production process is computer-assisted, guided by Artificial Intelligence with rigorous online and offline quality control measures in place. Our quality audits match with the best in the world.

Customer Benefits


Techno-Specialties Customer Benefits
Uniform Open Area
Even paste distribution No end-to-end shade variation
Uniform paste penetration Minimal dyestuff wastage
Lower, even pressure Uniform, better results, less productwear
Uniform hole diameter Even registration across the fabric
Consistently superior printing results per screen Significant savings / higher earningsper screen
High Ductility
Multiple stripping Less denting > manifold usage
Longer printing meters Savings in designing & screens
Even printing Perceptibly better results
Uniform paste distribution Savings in dyestuff
Faster printing Higher machine output
Higher print yield Significant savings
Uniform Thickness
Even paste distribution Even print results
Longer printing life Significant Savings in screen & design cost
Even pressure Uniform, superior registration
Consistent strength (no ‘weak spots’) No breakage, persistent ‘emulsion hold’ for long print runs
More printing output per screen Significant savings / earnings per screen

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