Manufacturer of Precision Rotary Nickel Screens

Welcome to Screen O Tex

A Precision Rotary Nickel Screens

for Textile and Non-Textile Rotary Printing.

Our manufacturing facility if equipped with equipment of the highest quality, our production processes are well planned out, equally well controlled and monitored.

Today we are equipped with 3rd Generation of Electroforming Processes with Artificial Intelligence Supported systems. Few other manufacturers can arguably equal precision and value.

Our Product Range have been categorized in 4 major

MESH categories


Tech screens

Tech screens are customized to match the exact customer requirements to yield high quality, maximum efficiency prints.


Altus screens

Altus screens are the Standard & Popular choice among printers when trusting for reliable printing for basic designs.


Novus screens

Novus screens are suitable for printing jobs
that require higher precision and

Vega screens

Vega screens are specifically designed to
cater to fine and highly detailed
printing requirements.
Technical Printing
are categorized as "Tech Screens"
Tech Screens
are always custom-designed as per printer’s individual specifications.

These screens are suitable for a variety of textile and non – textile applications.