Manufacturer of Precision Rotary Nickel Screens


Why Quality Matters:

It is a precision job of the printer to get exact and accurate results with minutest details. Nickel Screen play a major role in getting those results.

Screens must be uniformly thick and have uniform open area so that the designs are printed accurately. Hardness and ductility of the screen determines the life and reusability of screens. Precise repeat gives precise overlay-free printing.

Not mere words but we at Screen O Tex give utmost importance to Quality. We have in place one of the most stringent measures in place which are designed to ensure we deliver best quality screen to our customers. We take pride in the work culture at Screen O Tex where every individual strives to improve upon and give the best quality and service. Therefor we are confident to our commitment to quality.

How we do?

• Quality starts with our inputs. It is very simple to understand the best quality of inputs will give best quality output. Screens. We use premium 99.99% Vale Nickel Pellets to give Right Hardness and Ductility to our screens.

• Every step of the production process is Computer assisted and managed online and offline with quality control measures. Every step goes through rigorous checks and balances.

• Hi Tech chemicals and Calibrated Controls are used. High Quality Imported equipments are used to get per square inch holes ranging from 625 to 38025.

• All our teams efforts results in Uniformity and Reliability of our Screens. Uniform Thickness Uniform Open Area Uniform Repeat

• International standards are strictly matched for every screen. Not only are screens defect free they also ensure the printer gets maximum print lengths and re use the screens multiple times.

Benefits of Good Quality Screens to Consumer:

⁍ High Quality Printing. - Even Registration of color/ink across the fabric
⁍ Longer Printing Lengths
⁍ Multiple Stripping
⁍ Less breakdowns
⁍ Higher Printing Speeds.
⁍ Minimal Dyestuff Wastage
⁍ Less Denting due to mis-handling.

We at Screen-O-Tex give the utmost importance to quality. Our stringent quality control measures are designed to ensure, that we put out one of the best quality products in the market. We take great pride in our work; part of it is because of our commitment to quality.

Our Work

  • Open area
  • Repeat
  • Block holes
  • Thickness
  • Ductility
  • Uniformity
  • Inco. Pellets which are 99.99% pure nickel.
  • Calibrated and Hi Tech composition.
  • Online and Offline
  • Imported high quality precision tools and equipment.

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Why it matters

Our consistent adherence to quality benefits our customers in a number of ways. The main parameters that define the quality of a screen are open area, repeat, thickness, ductility, and uniformity.
Since we are able to successfully control, maintain and check all these parameter extensively, our screens feature:
• Uniform open area
• Uniform thickness
• Uniform ductility
• Minimal blockages
These features benefit our customers in a number of ways: • Uniform prints, no end to end variation,
• Minimal dyestuff wastage
• Even registration of color/ink across the fabric
• Less machine downtime / Higher machine output
• Longer life of screens = savings in screens and designing
• Less denting of screens while handling