Manufacturer of Precision Rotary Nickel Screens

Screen-O-Tex’s range of  TECHSCREENS equip you to take your printing process to new heights and can help you achieve results that were considered unachievable.

Thanks to a unique design, that is the combination of a high mesh counts and large hole sizes. It enables you to carry out extremely fine and detailed printing, without any blockages even when using large paste particles.

Halftone and fine detail printing with particles up to 60 um –

Another vital attribute that makes Screen-O-Tex’s TECHSCREENS beneficial, is because you get fine mesh and a large hole size together. Thus making it possible for you to carry out half-tone printing.          

These screens enable you to work with particles up to 60 um, while delivering the fine accuracy.


  • Less disruption to the production process thus faster printing speed
  • Longer screen lifespan
  • Higher resolutions while printing with PVC or water based foams.
  • More design flexibility and freedom.
  • Specialized applications such as 3D printing
  • Lesser blockages in screens
  • The amount of paste required is lesser.
  • All in all it leads to lower operating cost and affecting your profitability positively.

What makes them stand out?

  • Potential to create extremely 3D designs with water-based paste.
  • Ability to transfer designs from PVC onto water-based paste.
  • The bigger hole sizes allows these screens to run more efficiently with water based and PVS pastes and lesser blockage problems.
  • Higher production efficiency is achievable when printing with a kit (extra thick paste) on a non-woven material.


  • Lighter Coatings,
  • Artificial Leather,
  • backlit material,
  • wall covering,
  • flooring,
  • carpets
  • Glitter