Manufacturer of Precision Rotary Nickel Screens

These screens are suitable for printing jobs that require higher precison and sharpness. Novus screens offer a special combination of high mesh count, wider holes and minimum spacing between holes, with a conical styling. With larger open areas, they enable maximum paste transfer to substrate, enhancing productivity. Result: faster, sharper, finer prints.

Available Mesh Count: 105, 110,125 and 155

Advantages with Novus

  • Superior Quality Fine Lines & Half-tone effects
  • High Open Area
  • Better Penetration
  • Higher Printing Speed
  • Save on Printing Paste
  • Lower Production costs
  • Sharp results even in high viscosity
  • Lower Squeezee  pressure
  • Highly Durable
  • Cost-Effective & Reliable 

Recommended Uses

Novus screens can be used for all kind of Substrates, Finer Outlines, Tonal effects, Better Penetration, Geometric Designs. Unique designs, beautiful patterns and color combinations are achievable with relative ease with Novus screens.

Novus Specification
Open Area %171516151513
Thickness um105100105100100100
Hole Diameter um10510197797960
Holes per inch272251102512100156251562524025
Paste Volume (ml / meter²)17.515.816.6151513